Adopting a Puppy – Are You Ready?

Adopting a Puppy – Are You Ready? 

Taking a puppy home requires thought and preparation. To ensure potential puppy adopters have considered the needs and commitment for a puppy, we do not allow HOLDS on puppies. Only those people ready on the day of meeting a puppy, will be able to adopt on the day. If you miss out, you’ll be ready next time and being ready will provide the best chance possible for the puppy to thrive in your home. Some important things you need to consider to prepare for a puppy are listed below;

  • Is your garden secure and fencing adequate?
  • Will your puppy have sufficient shelter, protected from hot/cold/wet weather?
  • Can you provide sufficient food, water and veterinary care to your puppy throughout his/her life?
  • Are you able to take time off to help the puppy be supported in their new home in their first week? Depending on the age of the puppy, he/she may also need to be fed at lunch times as well as breakfast and dinner.
  • Where will your puppy sleep at night? Have you thought about crate training? Toilet training takes patience and time. Are your prepared for toilet training using only positive reinforcement?
  • How much time do you have to spend with your new puppy, including taking him/her to essential puppy classes?
  • Have you other animals at home which will require familiarisation with your new puppy to ensure all animals are safe and not harmed?
  • If you live in a rental property, you will need to provide the Dogs’ Homes with a letter from your landlord giving permission for you to have a puppy/dog on the property or a copy of your lease if there is provision for a dog/s noted in the lease.
  • Can you afford the ongoing costs of a dog, including annual vaccination and check up, regular worming and flea treatments, good quality food with a balanced diet, unexpected health costs (injuries, infections etc), treats and toys?
  • Who will look after your dog whilst you are away? Will someone come to stay, or will your dog need to go to a friends place or boarding kennels?
  • Puppies dig, chew, can be destructive and are mischievous. You need to provide regular training, mental enrichment toys and games and dedicate your time to ensure your puppy grows in to a friendly, social and well behaved dog. Are you genuinely committed to your puppy’s training and development?
  • If you have young children, how will you ensure the interactions between your children and the puppy are positive?

We recommend doing your research before you start looking at puppies so you are fully informed as to what you need and what to expect if you decide to bring a puppy in to your home. What you do, how you treat the puppy and what training and environment you provide to the puppy will significantly impact the behaviour and temperament of the puppy in the years to come. A puppy will bring your great joy, love and laughter in return for being well cared for.

Nestle Purina Petcare are proud sponsors of the Animal Welfare League Australia, providing food and pet care support for dogs and cats in their care.

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