Elliott goes from ragged and bedraggled to home and hosed

Elliott came to us in a poor condition after being found wandering the streets of Rokeby. He was very underweight, smelled bad, and his right eye was painfully infected.

But this didn’t break this brave little man’s indomitable spirit, or even dent his capacity to show affection to the strange new humans he found himself with. “His demeanour on arrival was very sweet and affectionate,” staff say. “He was happy to say hello to everybody.”

A Maltese x about three years old, Elliott had suffered what we feared was a rupture to his right eye. He responded well to applications of an antibiotic eye cream and our vet said his recovery was “amazing”. His vision is now fine.

Elliot when he first arrived at the Dogs' Homes
Elliot with Vet Ros when he arrived at the Hobart Dogs' Home.
Elliot's eye was badly infected
Elliot's eye had a grass seed stuck in his eye which had ruptured.
Elliot in foster care
Happy after playing in the mud in foster care.

“When he was having his health check in vet room, once again he had a sweet, friendly personality,” staff say. “He was always very tolerant of any medical procedures or checks on him.”

In addition to the icky eye, Elliott needed desexing, dental work, grass seeds removed, his long, matted and stinky coat shaved, and a full dental checkup that included a scale and polish. Fangs for the memories!

He also spent some time in foster care to put on some much-needed weight, putting on almost one and half kilograms, which is a good amount for a little dog. Our vet declared him happy and healthy, so he went off to our adoptions area – and was adopted the very same day.

Elliott is a fine example of what we see as getting the best possible outcome for the any of the dogs who come into our care, and highlights the incredible work of our dedicated veterinary team.

Elliot in foster care
Seeking cuddles in foster care.
Elliot covered in mud
Playing in mud seems to be a favourite activity for this boy.
Elliot waiting to be adopted
After much-needed care (and a haircut), he was placed up for adoption.
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