Would you and your best mate like to fundraise to help Dogs’ Homes of Tasmania? 

Norm says it’s called fundraising for a reason, so get together with a group of friends, have fun and raise money to help us care for dogs that aren’t as lucky as yours. 

Plan your event

It doesnt matter what you do, as long as you, your friends and your dogs are safe and have fun. Host a puppy pawty, take a group walk, hold a stall, host a crafternoon (making dog toys of course).

Spread the word

Let people know about your event. Spread the word on social media, print up some posters. Use our templates to produce posters, facebook posts or timeline covers.

Have fun and help us

Have fun, and set up an online donations page so you can pay in the money you raised on our donations page. If you send us photos of your event we can share them on facebook.

Some ideas to get you started ...

Hold a "Yappy Hour"

Find a dog-friendly venue and invite your dog-loving friends for drinks and snacks. Ask for an admission donation and raffle some dog- related items.

Go on sniffari

A Sniffari is a great day out for dogs. Choose an on-lead location, and plan a walking route. Set up some 'Sniff Stations' along the way with interesting smells - sheeps wool, seaweed, anything that's dog safe. Give your sniffari walkers a map and they're on their way.

Start a barkery

Make some doggie treats, package them and sell them at your local market. Make sure you list the ingredients on the label.

Get your craft on

Get together with some friends, and use your paws to make something crafty. Bonus points if it's dog related - you could make a snuffle mats, fleece tuggies, bottle toys or doggie blankets.


A group walk is a great way for you to socialise with like minded friends, and for dogs to chill in each other's company. Plan a walk with your breed group or local dog park buddies, ask everyone to donate the price of a coffee and cake to attend.

Planning something big?

If you're planning a public event with more than fifty people in attendance, contact us so we can assist with publicity.

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