Found a Stray Dog

Who To Call If You Have Found A Stray Dog

If you have a found a stray or abandoned dog or puppy, please call your relevant Council Animal Control Officer to see if they are able to collect the dog or puppy. Council staff are unlikely to be available after hours and on weekends so please refer to options below if your relevant Council is unable to assist.

If your closest Dogs’ Home is open, you may bring the dog or puppy to us yourself but ONLY if it is safe to do so. If you have a dog yourself (or any other animal) and have brought the stray dog home, please keep the stray dog in a separate area to ensure the safety of all animals as well as people. The stray dog may be unvaccinated and at risk of carrying the deadly canine parvo virus. If your own dog is unvaccinated, keep the dogs completely separate to avoid any risk of infection or harm.

If the dog appears to be injured or sick, take the dog to your nearest veterinary clinic for care, if it is safe to do so. The vet clinic should call the relevant council and help find the owner.

Please telephone your closest Dogs’ Home immediately and leave all the details about the dog or puppy with the receptionist. An owner may be looking for the dog/puppy so the quicker you call the quicker we can reunite them. The phones can be very busy so please keep trying. If you leave a message a member of staff will return your call as quickly as possible. Click on link for open hours.

Hobart: Ph: (03) 6243 5177 (option 1)                                                                                                                          Burnie: Ph: (03) 6431 6199                                                                                                                                              Devonport: Ph: (03) 6427 2178                                                                                                                                      Launceston: Ph: (03) 6349 1999

Alternatively, you can complete our FOUND DOG REPORT and return the completed form/s to your closest Dogs’ Home. Locations and contacts.

  • Hobart Dogs’ Home is the official pound for the Clarence, Glenorchy, Hobart and Brighton Councils.
  • Burnie Dogs’ Home is the official pound for the Burnie and Waratah Wynyard Councils.
  • Devonport Dogs’ Home is the official pound for the Devonport, Latrobe and Kentish Councils.
  • Launceston Dogs’ Home is the official pound for the City of Launceston Council.

Please note you cannot keep the stray dog or puppy as there may be an owner trying to find him/her. If the dog or puppy is brought to the Dogs’ Home and you are interested in keeping him/her if an owner is not found, we have an Expression of Interest process whereby you can leave your details with us to be contacted should the dog or puppy become available for adoption. Please enquire with reception about this should you be interested.



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