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LickiMats are a terrific way for dogs to calm down and relax after a busy day or at a stressful time.  Licking releases endorphins, which give dogs a feeling of calmness and pleasure.

Smear the mat with some wet dog food, yoghurt, sardines, peanut butter or vegemite, and watch them settle down to enjoy a relaxing break.

Lickimats come with three different surfaces:

  • the Soother is best suited for soft, runny and liquid foods and treats.
  • the Playdate has discrete pockets that will contain food.  Liquids are easier to manage and keep separate from other food or treats.
  • the Buddy  has a more complex surface and still allows separation of foods and treats

LickiMats  are available in standard size (20cm x 20cm) or in large (30cm x 25 cm) for big dogs who like a big slurp.

Weight .200 kg
Dimensions 20 × 20 × 1 cm

Blue, Green, Orange, Purple


Regular, Large


Soother, Playdate, Buddy

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