Your donation is a gift that will change a dog's life

Every year we help more than 3000 dogs, and your donations help us to ensure that every dog needing our help gets the support they need to keep them happy and healthy while they are waiting for a new, loving home.  


Keeps a dog healthy

Your $25 donation can help pay for flea and worm treatment for a newly arrived dog, keeping them comfortable and healthy as they get ready for their new home.

Comforts an anxious dog

It's a big adjustment coming to the Dogs' Home and an adaptil calming collar helps anxious dogs cope. Your $50 donation can pay for a collar that lasts one full month, long enough to ease a dog into their new home.

Helps a puppy thrive

Foster Care is a vital service for young puppies, ensuring they get the best start in life. Adult dogs who are anxious or recovering from surgery also love their time in foster care. Your $100 donation can help pay for bedding, crate, enrichment toys and special food to support a dog in foster care.

A safe place to rest

Your $120 donation can purchase a sturdy, comfortable crate, giving a dog in foster care a safe, secure place to rest when life gets overwhelming.

Puts a smile on a dog's face

Your $250 donation can help us with the costs of essential vet care, ensuring that a dog with painful teeth gets their happy smile back, and that every dog adopted from our Homes is desexed, so there are no more unwanted puppies.

A safe, loving place to stay

There's no limit on how long dogs stay in our Homes, we care for them as long as it takes to find a forever home. Your $500 donation can help us maintain and improve our four homes, with warm, clean, comfortable pens for dogs to sleep in, and safe, dry exercise yards with plenty of places for dogs to play and relax.

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