Cute cookie Biscuit is now a mister

“His love knows no bounds, even if it means sitting on us at the most inconvenient times with that cheesy grin of his.”

Biscuit has taken a step up in the world since he was adopted from our Devonport Home.

His forever family decided “he needed a distinguished gentleman’s name to go with his moustache”, so he’s now referred to as Mr Biscuit wherever he goes.

“It’s been just over six months since Mr Biscuit strolled into our lives like he owned the place — and let’s be real, he pretty much does,” says his human dad, Dale. “Our quirky Staghound-Kelpie x has turned our world upside down in the best way possible.

“From day one, Mr Biscuit declared himself the king of cuddles, using anyone nearby as his personal leaning post. And don’t get me started on his obsession with cooked broccoli — who knew a dog could have such refined tastes?

Mr Biscuit with his dad, Dale
Mr Biscuit gets up close and personal with his dad, Dale
Mr Biscuit with his dad, Dale
Mr Biscuit is "a certified daddy's boy", Dale says
Mr Biscuit likes going to work with his human dad, Dale
Mr Biscuit clearly enjoys going to work with Dale

“He’s a certified daddy’s boy, tagging along to work and farm visits like he’s the CEO of the company. At night, he insists on sleeping beside our bed, clutching his stuffed hotdog plushy like it’s his prized possession.”

He may be a fan of his hotdog plushy, but we must say the usually happy-go-lucky Mr Biscuit doesn’t seem overly impressed with the Santa costume pictured in our gallery.

“Sure, he’s got his quirks — vet visits and paw inspections are met with dramatic protests worthy of an Oscar. But his love knows no bounds, even if it means sitting on us at the most inconvenient times with that cheesy grin of his,” Dale says.

“And let’s not forget his secret missions to the rubbish bin, especially if there’s a tub of sour cream up for grabs. The cleanup crew never had it so adorable!

“Here’s to many more laughs, cuddles, and broccoli-fueled adventures with our one-of-a-kind Mr Biscuit.”

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Mr Biscuit in his Santa costume
Someone does not appear to be having a merry Christmas
Mr Biscuit in the car
Overseeing the driving with an eagle-eyed intensity
Mr Biscuit is very photogenic
Hansome Mr Biscuit is blessed with fantastically photogenic looks
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