Reclaiming your dog from the Pound

What to do if you’ve been advised your dog is at the Dogs’ Home

  • Hobart Dogs’ Home is the official pound for the Clarence, Glenorchy, Hobart and Brighton Councils.
  • Burnie Dogs’ Home is the official pound for the Burnie and Waratah- Wynyard Councils.
  • Devonport Dogs’ Home is the official pound for the Devonport, Latrobe and Kentish Councils.
  • Launceston Dogs’ Home is the official pound for the City of Launceston Council.


We’ll do everything we can to contact you. If your dog has their registration disc attached their collar and/or they are microchipped we’ll keep trying for five days.  If your dog is not registered or micro-chipped or your micro-chip details are no longer current, it may be impossible to find you.


A dog not wearing a registration disc is held in the pound for 3 working days.
A registered dog is held for 5 working days.
A microchipped dog is held for 5 working days.

If you do not collect your dog by the end of the legal holding days, your dog will become the legal property of the Dogs’ Homes of Tasmania and our rehoming assessment process will commence .


The Dog Control Act requires the owner of an impounded dog to pay a maintenance fee which covers the daily care of their pet whilst at the pound, a release fee and a registration fee if the dog is not currently registered and a fee for
microchipping your dog, if he/she is not already microchipped. 

Separate Council fines and fees may also apply and will be sent to you by the relevant Council directly.

Daily maintenance Fee: $30 per day per dog ($30 applies to same day collection)

Council Release Fee (for council impounded dogs): Varies from $25 – $136 per dog depending on the council

  • Burnie Council $51 per dog
  • Waratah Wynyard Council $69 – $136 per dog
  • Devonport City Council $35 per dog
  • Latrobe Council $25 per dog
  • Kentish Council $25 per dog
  • Launceston City Council $31-$46.50 per dog.
  • Clarence, Brighton, Glenorchy & Hobart Councils $70 per dog

Dogs’ Homes Release Fee (for  strays brought in by members of the public): 

  • $66 per dog (Hobart and Launceston Dogs’ Homes)
  • $41 per dog (Devonport Dogs’  Home)
  • $51 per dog (Burnie Dogs’ Home)

Registration Fee: Varies depending on the council, age of dog, desexed or entire, working dog, dangerous dog etc. Not relevant to dogs already registered. It is a legal requirement in Tasmania for all dogs 6 months of age and older to be registered.

Microchipping Fee: $55 per dog.  Not relevant to dogs already microchipped. It is a legal requirement in Tasmania for all dogs 6 months of age and older to be

All fees need to be paid in full on collection of your dog.  If you are experiencing financial difficulty and are on benefits you may be able to arrange deductions from Centrepay. 

What happens if I don’t reclaim my dog?

The majority of dogs not reclaimed by their owners are made available for adoption to new homes. Sadly, some dogs need to be euthanised if they
have an incurable health condition, a very poor prognosis from recovery from an
illness or injury or are unsafe to rehome due to human or animal aggression.

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