Thank you for your interest in donating goods to the Dogs' Homes of Tasmania! We’re grateful for your support and donations of pet supplies.

Donate goods - where and what can you donate

At the Dogs’ Homes of Tasmania, we are dedicated to providing shelter, care and love to dogs in need. Your generous donations play a crucial role in supporting our mission and ensuring our furry friends receive the care they deserve.

Understanding donations

We’re grateful for your help, and we want to make sure your donations hit the spot. Just like our pups have their favourite toys and treats, we have a wish list of items we always need, some goodies reserved for special doggy occasions, and a few items that, well, don’t quite wag our tails.

Ready to make tails wag? Here’s how to donate and be a true doggy hero:

🐾 Dry and wet puppy food: In its original, intact packaging and within the expiry date. No raw food or bones. We especially appreciate the Advance brand.

🐾 Tinned food for adult dogs: No need for dry food as we are grateful to have a sponsor providing us with dry food for our adult dogs.

🐾 Squeeze pouch baby food for training: We prefer meat and vegetable flavours to keep our pups’ tastebuds excited.

🐾 Quality soft treats and hard treats for stressed dogs: These assist in behavioural training and socialisation.

🐾 Toys: Ideally soft toys, puzzle/slow feeders and durable balls.

🐾 Calming products: Adaptil spray, Adaptil collars and Zylkene capsules (450mg) to be a dog’s best friend in times of stress.

Please note: If you have items that aren’t on the list above, we regret that we won’t be able to accept them as donations. This helps us manage resources effectively. However, there are other shelters and animal organisations eager to receive your generosity.

We cannot accept the following items:

🚫 Broken/soiled Items: To ensure the health and safety of our dogs, we cannot accept damaged or soiled items. Clean and intact items are essential for their comfort and well-being.

🚫 Pillows, doonas, sheets, pillow cases, sleeping bags and bean bags: These items could pose choking hazards to our dogs. They may also be challenging to wash and dry, making it tough to maintain a clean living space for our furry residents.

Thank you for reading these guidelines, and for helping us make our shelter a loving and safe haven for dogs in need. Your support means the world to us and our canine companions!

Thank you from all the hearts you are helping.

How can I donate goods?

Goods can be dropped off at our Homes:

🐾 Hobart: 101 Scotts Road, Risdon Vale, TAS 7016

🐾 Devonport: 13 Race Course Road, Spreyton, TAS 7310

🐾 Burnie: 170 Stowport Road, Burnie, TAS 7320

🐾 Launceston: 20 Cavalry Road, Mowbray, TAS 7248

Alternatively, you are welcome to drop off your items at one of our Partners:


🐾 Huon Valley Veterinary Hospital: 3/13 Sale Street, Huonville, TAS 7109

🐾 Woolworths New Town: 192-196 New Town Road, New Town, TAS 7008

🐾 Pets Domain Cambridge: Tenancy 4, Cambridge Park Homemaker Centre, 66 Kennedy Dr, Cambridge TAS 7170


🐾 Woolworths Legana: 12 Legana Grove, Legana, TAS 7277

🐾 Kmart Devonport: 86 Best Street, Devonport, Tasmania, 7310

🐾 IGA Spreyton: 92-94 Mersey Main Road, Spreyton, Tasmania, 7310

🐾 Warehouse Traders Spreyton: 76 Mersey Main Road, Spreyton, Tasmania, 7310

🐾 Woolworths Devonport: 74 Best Street, Devonport, Tasmania, 7310

🐾 Woolworths Wynyard: 68 Goldie Street, Wynyard, Tasmania, 7325

🐾 Woolworths Smithton: 142 Nelson Street, Smithton, Tasmania, 7330

🐾 IGA Somerset: 51 Wragg St, Somerset TAS 7322

💚 Become a Partner:

If you or your business would like to be a drop-off location for food and goods, we’d be thrilled to have you on our team. Please get in touch with us, and we’ll make it happen! Click here to get in contact.

Can anyone from Dogs’ Homes of Tasmania collect goods for donation?

Unfortunately, we cannot offer a collection service for donated goods.

Please note we are unable to accept donations which are not of use. If you are unsure, please consider calling the Home you wish to donate to first.

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