Planning a fundraising event?

Plan a fundraising event

We’re always grateful for fundraisers in the community who plan and run awesome events to raise funds for us!  

Keep it simple

It doesn't have to be a big event. Choose something that you can do well, and that you can do with the time and resources available.

Set your goals

Set a target. If you let people know your fundraising goal they're more likely to donate. Setting a goal will also help budget for your event.

Save the date

Choose a date, and check that it doesn't clash with any other events in your area. Give yourself time to plan and to be ready for the day.

Book your venue

Check well in advance that your venue is available, safe and accessible. Also check that they will allow the activity you are planning.

Get help

Many paws make light work. Let your friends know that you are fundraising, ask for their help to prepare for and to run your event.

Spread the word

Use facebook, email and posters to let everyone know you're fundraising.

Make it easy to donate

The easier you can make it for people to donate, the more you will raise. Click below to set up an online donations page for your fundraiser that you can share on social media.

Stay safe

Make sure your event is safe and legal. Consider: 1. Insurance cover, including public liability cover if necessary 2. Carry out a risk assessment 3. Comply with regulations if you are serving food or alcohol 4. Ensure that everyone attending will be Covid Safe.

Ask us

If you're planning a BIG event to be attended by the public, then contact us to see if we can help you with advice and publicity.

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