Where are they now?

Boston with his stuffed toy

Boston’s love story — more than a feeling

“I just love him so much. Boston is my life.” Thirteen years ago, Boston embarked on his new life with Sarah after being adopted from ...
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Bobo back with his mum and breeder, Amy

Bobo finds his fairytale ending​

Senior dog Bobo went from Slumdog to Millionaire in the love stakes when a very special person from his past discovered he was at our ...
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Elliot when he first arrived at the Dogs' Homes

Elliott goes from ragged and bedraggled to home and hosed

Elliott came to us in a poor condition after being found wandering the street. He was very underweight, smelled bad, and his right eye was ...
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Sam gets a life change and a new name

In June 2023, Dwayne arrived at the Dogs' Homes, seeking care and a second chance. Before being placed up for adoption, he underwent a comprehensive ...
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Buddy's high-paw

Buddy – you’ve got a friend in me

Our latest happy rehoming tale is about Buddy, who had a tough start. When he was adopted, new owner Ken vowed to make up for ...
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the big interview with pete

Pete asks Dogs’ Home alumna, Evie, ‘where are you now?’

It’s Special CorresPAWndent Pete here, with one of my long-awaited Where Are They Now? Interviews. I’ve been so busy and important with my glamorous work ...
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Lexi’s new life in the Huon Valley

The joy of adoption and getting to know your new family member is a special one for all dog lovers. Ruth recalls when she ...
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Sonny with his new dad

Sonny the snuggle smuggler

Some dogs can be a little standoffish when it comes to snuggle time. Then there’s dogs like Sonny (previously Cerberus), who was made for sleepy ...
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Major and his family

Major’s long journey home: a goofball’s journey to a loving home

There are some dogs that make a major mark during their time at our Homes. One of those dogs was Major, who made his mark ...
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