Volunteers assist us with dog walking at our four homes.

In order to volunteer, you must first attend an information session and then complete an on-site induction.  These sessions are held at each home as Volunteers are required, and are advertised on this website and on our social media when they are coming up.  

It takes time to train volunteers, so we ask for a minimum time commitment from any volunteer: regular walks – weekly, fortnightly or monthly for at least six months

Essential Requirements

Volunteers must be able to manage all kinds of dogs –   including large and untrained dogs –  without assistance or support from another person. 

Walking hours vary between Homes, but are generally between 8.30 and 3.30 seven days a week. 

Dogs are walked on tracks around the Homes and there are uneven surfaces, dirt roads/paths, hills and slippery conditions.

Dog walking volunteers must be able to 

  • walk at least 3 km in grounds that include uneven surfaces and steep slopes.
  • bend at the waist and knees, lift up to 12 kilos
  • interact with dogs calmly and respond appropriately when dogs are over-excited or are reacting to other dogs.
  • observe what is going on around them, identify and avoid potential hazards such as other dogs on lead, wildlife and traffic
  • understand and follow directions from staff
  • observe and provide information regarding the dog’s behaviour and reactions to other dogs and people while walking
  • read, understand and observe simple written instructions, including pen numbers and information about individual dogs.

Dog walkers must also be aged over 16, and must be able to obtain a Working With Vulnerable People Certificate or a Police Check. 

Dogs’ Homes of Tasmania is committed to force-free, reward-based training, and all dog walking volunteers are trained in and expected to use these methods. ‘Corrections’ such as lead jerks, yelling or punishment are not permitted.

We value volunteers and they are an essential part of our organisation, so keep an eye on our social media for advertised information sessions.
If you’d like to register for an advertised session, or you’d like us to advise when you when there is a session planned in your area, please complete your details by following the link  below. 

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