Dogs’ Homes of Tasmania | Board of Directors
Our Board members generously volunteer their time to the Dogs’ Homes of Tasmania for one reason—they love dogs. They have all enjoyed the pure joy that dogs bring to our lives and their endless love and devotion.

It is because of this that many members have been on our Board for years. The Dogs’ Homes are in their hearts and a huge part of their lives. They are passionately dedicated to the ongoing welfare of our state’s most vulnerable dogs.

Our Board members do so much for our organisation and we can never thank them enough. Click here to read more about our amazing Board Members.

Dogs’ Homes of Tasmania | Membership
Are you interested in become a member of our dog-loving family? Becoming a member of our organisation means that you can play an active role in helping us with our vital work—helping Tasmanian dogs in need. Click here to read more about membership.

Tasmanian Canine Defence League Inc. | Constitution
Click here to read the constitution of the Tasmanian Canine Defence League Inc. —operating as the Dogs’ Homes of Tasmania.

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