Found a stray dog?

Let us know if you have found a dog

If you have found a dog and are keeping it safe at your place, please let us know so if the owner contacts us we can put them in touch with you.

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Safety First

Lost dogs are often very frightened and may be unpredictable. Be careful approaching a lost dog and only do so if it is safe.  If you feel safe to, check the dog’s collar for tags, and you may be able to ring the owner.

If there is no number on the dog’s collar or you don’t feel comfortable approaching the dog, contact your local council and ask for the animal control officer.

If you have found an injured or sick dog

If it is safe to do so, take the dog to the nearest vet. If it is not safe to approach the dog, contact the vet by phone or the RSPCA. 

Getting dogs home in working hours

  • Contact your local Council and ask for the Animal Control Officer. They will usually collect stray animals and try and reunite them with their owners.  
  • Take the dog to the nearest vet. Staff there will  check the microchip and then contact the owner.  If there is no microchip or the owner cant be contacted, the vet will keep the dog safe until it can be transferred to the nearest Dogs’ Home where staff will try and trace the owner.
  • Take the dog directly to your closest Dogs’ Home. (link to homes and opening hours)

Getting help after hours

 If you decide to take the dog home, give the dog water, and keep it in a separate area to ensure the safety of your own pets and family.  The stray dog may be unvaccinated and at risk of carrying canine parvovirus or other diseases.

  • If you are close to an after hours vet and can take the dog there, do so.
  • If you are on Facebook, post a photo and details of the dog on Tassie Lost Pet Register TLPR

Use Social media

The most effective way to help lost dogs home is often to post them on social media. Send a message and photo to Tasmanian Lost Pet Register – TLPR. Share the link on TLPR to as many local and community facebook groups as you can.

I’ve found a dog and I’d like to keep it

You do not have the legal right to keep a stray dog.  When you find a stray dog, their owners are probably desperate to be reunited.  If you find a stray dog and bring it to us, we can register your interest and if the dog is unclaimed and becomes available for adoption, we will contact you and offer you the first chance to adopt the dog.

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