Stevie’s steps to a new life

Stevie came to Dogs’ Homes of Tasmania at five years old, a few months after her last race. 

Like all ex-racing greyhounds, she spent several weeks going through a comprehensive assessment and rehabilitation  process to prepare for her new life as a family pet. 

Shortly after arrival Stevie went to stay with an experienced Foster Carer. Time in Foster Care ensures that Greyhounds have a chance to decompress from kennel life and learn about good things like treats and naps on the sofa. It’s also a chance to learn about potential hazards in their new life – if you’ve never seen a glass door before, it’s easy to walk straight into it!

Stevie’s Foster Carers also ensured that she went out and about to see the sights and sounds of her new life in the suburbs.

Foster care is a chance to de-compress.

Getting ready to meet other dogs

One important part of the Dogs’ Home assessment that Stevie really enjoyed was some  supervised play-dates with Sir Tater Tot, Dogs’ Home Ambassadog-in-training.  

Tater is a tiny, playful terrier cross who lives with the Homes’ Behaviour Trainer Michelle, but goes to the Home with her several times a week to do a very important job.  

Every Greyhound offered for adoption has several supervised play sessions with Tater to ensure that they are used to small dogs.  Tater is an outgoing little fellow who loves to play with big dogs.  

Tater and Stevie quickly showed that they were happy to be mates and Stevie was one step closer to starting her new life. 


Tater loves his job!

Making a match 

Hannah and Callum  were really excited when the fences were completed on their new place because it meant they could get a dog. As a busy working couple they didn’t have time to commit to training and socialising a young puppy. They also wanted their dog to be a rescue. 

The more Hannah and Callum learned about the gentle nature and goofy personalities of rescue greyhounds the more confident they were that one would fit their life-style perfectly. 

They followed the Dogs’ Homes Facebook page to see Greyhounds as they became available for adoption.  After completing an Expression of Interest in Stevie and meeting her at the Home they knew that Stevie was just the gentle, relaxed dog they were looking for.


Stevie adjusted quickly to family life

A new beginning

After Stevie arrived Hannah and Callum were thrilled to find that she settled in to her new home quickly and adapted to her new life of luxury.  

Whether she is napping on the sofa next to them while they watch tv, joining them on a bushwalk, meeting up with other greyhounds or simply ‘roaching’ in her comfy new bed, Stevie is a member of the family that Hannah and Callum wouldn’t be without. 

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