Our Hobart kennel repairs project is now complete, thanks to the generous support of of our community. Completing these repairs will make a huge difference to so many Tasmanian dogs, for many years to come!

Urgent Kennel repairs and maintenance across our four homes was the focus of this year’s Winter Appeal. In Hobart our attention was needed on essential repairs and maintenance of a 180 dog kennels. These kennels were designed and built more than 30 years ago. Each of the rows of kennels is covered by an earth mound which helps to keep our dogs warm in winter and cool in summer. 

Other the years, time had taken its toll and the waterproof membrane around the kennels was starting to fail. Naturally, this was starting to make some of the kennels unusable. Repairing the leaking kennels and preventing more leaks was a major task with access to the kennels made even more difficult due to the earth mounds. It involved a lot of manual labour with workers having to dig long trenches to replace the membrane on the outside of the concrete kennel walls.

This was one of the Dogs’ Homes of Tasmania’s major repair projects in 2021, taking several months to complete.

We are so grateful to all the people, organisations and councils that supported this much needed repair project. Thank you!
Michael Sertori
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