Hobart gets 'Moore' love

Our Hobart Home has a new look thanks to the hard work and dedication of volunteer Richard Moore.

He removed the hedge that ran alongside the main path connecting the kennels in the adoption area. While it was pleasant to have greenery in the area, it was more cumbersome than anything — it needed to be trimmed regularly so it didn’t block the path.

But the final straw was when the hedge started to attract snakes. After a couple of slithery sightings, it just had to go. Its removal has opened the area up and created more space for people and dogs to move around. Richard installed a nice gravel area where the hedge had been, and tidied up the bank below. He also put in some small plants — hopefully the sort snakes don’t like.

The snakey hedge at the Hobart Dogs' Home
The 'snakey' hedge at the Hobart Home
The hedge is gone
Space is more than double with the hedge gone
Out with old rotten stairs and in with the new

Meanwhile, the rotting old wooden stairs at the front of the adoptions area had been out of action for many months as they posed a safety risk. Richard replaced them with heavy-duty aluminium stairs. He also did some stonework, tidied up the bank and put in more plants. The area now looks much more inviting.

And then, on to the grooming room. Richard put in new lighting, installed some shelves, and gave it a fresh lick of paint. “The lighting in there was really poor,” staff member Alex said. “It was not a nice room to be in — it felt dark and dingy. Now it feels like a completely different room and is a much more enjoyable space for staff and dogs.”

Richard in the adoption area
New stonework and low maintenance plants
Richard and Boof
We needed a pic of Richard with a pup on the stairs of course!
The Grooming Room is a much more inviting and practical space
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