Urgent Tax Appeal to Feed and Care for Dogs in Need

Dogs' Homes of Tasmania launches Tax Appeal

We at Dogs’ Homes of Tasmania have launched a critical Tax Appeal with the goal of raising $150,000 to cover the increased costs of feeding and caring for the state’s lost and abandoned dogs. This appeal comes at a time when we are facing some of the toughest challenges in our 73-year history.

“We have recently lost our long-term dog food sponsor, which has significantly impacted our resources,” said our CEO, Mark Wild. “This has created an urgent need for financial support from our community to ensure we can continue to provide for the dogs in our care.”

Rising operational costs and an increase in the number of dogs requiring extensive medical care have hit us hard.

Munchkin after receiving much-needed TLC

Many dogs are being surrendered because their owners cannot afford veterinary care. This has resulted in a higher number of older and sick dogs that need significant medical attention, including surgeries, dental work, and long-term recovery.

Mark Wild highlighted the story of Munchkin, a small dog who arrived at our Launceston Home in a shocking and heartbreaking state. Munchkin was unable to see, eat, drink, or toilet properly due to his dreadfully matted coat. Severely underweight and malnourished, his nails were so long they curled back and dug into his paws, causing immense pain.

“Our dedicated vet team gently shaved off his matted fur, removing a shocking 8cm by 4cm mass of food and fur from his face alone,” Mr Wild said. “They trimmed his painfully curled nails, de-fleaed, wormed, and vaccinated him. Munchkin was then placed in foster care with a nutrient-rich diet to regain his strength before returning for de-sexing and, ultimately, finding his forever home. Had our vet team not been able to care for Munchkin, he likely would not have survived given he could hardly eat.”

This story underscores the importance of our appeal, as many dogs like Munchkin need specialised diets upon arrival due to malnutrition, rotten teeth, allergies, or other health issues. We cater to around 3,000 dogs annually, each with unique dietary needs.

The recent loss of a dog food sponsor, which had supported us for around 20 years, is estimated to cost an additional $150,000 annually. The adoption fees we charge do not cover the full cost of medical care, including desexing, vaccinating, and treating health issues like rotten teeth and arthritis. Dogs in our care have diverse dietary requirements, necessitating specialised diets tailored to individual needs.

While the public often donates food and treats, financial donations are critical to ensure that many dogs receive the specific types of food required for health reasons. Consistent diets are crucial for the well-being of the dogs, especially those already under stress or with digestive issues. Efficient management of food supplies and avoiding wastage due to expiration dates are also key.

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