In loving memory of Rufus

It’s with heavy hearts that we say goodbye to a very special member of our Dogs’ Homes of Tasmania family. Rufus, the four-legged legend who touched our lives and the heart of our incredible volunteer, Hans, has crossed the Rainbow Bridge.

For anyone who doesn’t know, Hans is a volunteer who has been an integral part of our Dogs’ Homes of Tasmania family for over 25 years.

Rufus, Hans’s beloved companion, was a shining example of the impact love and care can have on a dog’s life.

Rufus came to us as a stray over 15 years ago, before being transferred to the RSPCA with 99 other dogs who hadn’t had any luck finding new homes. Poor Rufus was stressed in the shelter environment and didn’t enjoy the company of other dogs. In pen number 22 (at the RSPCA), he sat and waited for luck to come his way and for his life to change. And boy did he get lucky! Having just lost his dog Spotty, Hans decided to take a chance on Rufus and adopt him. At the time, Hans was volunteering with both us and the RSPCA. He knew of Rufus from working at our Hobart Home and knew things were not looking too bright for him.

Rufus and Hans raising funds in Hobart
Rufus helping Hans raise funds for the Dogs' Homes
Rufus and his grandma's dog, Milly
Rufus, a distinguished gentleman

Through Hans’s nurturing, Rufus transformed into a loving, charismatic canine who over the years fostered 38 dogs and helped raise awareness and thousands of dollars for our Homes.

“Many of you will have met Rufus when we helped with tin shakes for the Dogs’ Homes, and boy did he attract people … one woman saying Rufus was the George Clooney of dogs, and another woman nearly getting run over by a car as she crossed the road to pat him” — a recent quote from Hans.

Today, as we remember Rufus, we want to extend our heartfelt gratitude to him for being a true AmbassaDog for the Dogs’ Homes of Tasmania.

Rufus, you will forever be engraved in our hearts and memories. Your legacy lives on in every life you touched and every smile you brought.

To Hans, we send our deepest condolences and warmest hugs. Your dedication and love for Rufus were paw-inspiring.

We honour Rufus’s memory and the positive work he did for the dogs in our care. Rest in peace, dear Rufus.

Always happy to visit the family
Helping out at the farm
Snoozing at home
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