Dogs are always there for their humans, and this year’s Winter Appeal is asking people to help the Dogs’ Homes be there for dogs in need.

The Winter Appeal will run for the month of June, kicking off on Friday 3 June with a Street Appeal, with collectors at major shopping centres around the State. 

The appeal aims to raise $100,000 for two very important programs:

  • Helping to fund vet care to ensure that every dog who comes to the home is healthy and pain-free. Many dogs come to us with untreated, painful medical conditions. It’s essential that these dogs start their new lives pain-free and healthy.
    Vet care is a major cost for DHoT (more than $200,00 so far this financial year) but always a priority. Every dog going to a new home will have a health check, vaccinations, and any required treatment. Some require desexing and dental work, while a smaller group of dogs need eye, and orthopaedic surgeries.
  • Giving the dogs safe outdoor spaces to play and decompress. Time out of kennels in play yards where they can sniff, dig, roll, play and zoom is essential for every dog’s mental and physical well-being and we have more than 20 play yards at our 4 homes. But so many paws running and digging and wet weather takes its toll and we urgently need help to improve drainage, re-turf and pave muddy holes, fix and replace worn equipment and repair shelters.

We’re asking the community to help us by making a donation, or by setting up a personal fundraising page and asking their friends to help them be there for dogs.  

The 2022 Winter Appeal is supported by three Dogs’ Home ‘Ambassadogs’ – Nova, Cilla, and Jamie.  These three dogs have all experienced a rough patch in life and then found a new life in loving homes  after receiving vet care and support at the Dogs’ Homes.  

Nova came to the Dogs’ Home in 2019 after his owner passed away. Alone and frightened this little fellow required dental work and had a lump removed.  He also needed a home where he would not be left alone for long, as he was a shy, anxious little dog.  So staff  were delighted when he was adopted by Max, who had recently been widowed after 61 years and wanted a companion he could care for.  Three years after Nova’s ‘Gotcha Day’ we visited Nova and Max to find two great mates.  They weathered Covid Lockdowns together, and enjoy watching tv, relaxing with friends and spending time in the garden. 

Cilla arrived in 2021 needing a tumour removed which resulted in the loss of eye. As a big, 9 year-old, one-eyed dog Cilla did not attract a lot of interest from adopters, but Chris had always owned large dogs and could see beyond the scarred face in the photo on Cilla’s adoption post. She came to meet Cilla and quickly saw what a lovely dog she is.   
Not long after Cilla’s adoption, Chris brought her back the Home to get her nails trimmed and she saw volunteers playing with Jamie, an ex-racing greyhound.  Cilla and Jamie met and these two lovely dogs hit it off immediately.  At a recent visit to Chris, Jamie and Cilla we were delighted to see three dear friends.  Because of their size, Chris walks each dog individually twice a day, which keeps her busy with 4 walks, but she thinks that’s a small sacrifice to have such lovely companions.   

Supporting the Dogs’ Homes Winter Appeal will ensure that we will always be here for dogs like Nova, Cilla and Jamie,  just as they are always there for their new families.  

Thank you to Max and Chris for allowing us to tell your stories, and for the wonderful care you take of your beautiful dogs. 

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