Major’s long journey home: a goofball’s journey to a loving home


There are some dogs that make a major mark during their time at our Homes. One of those dogs was Major, who made his mark on the hearts of staff, volunteers and foster carers alike with his goofball ways.

Major was at our Launceston Home before being transferred to try his luck in the big city – Hobart. He was with us for five months before being adopted at the end of March.

Major’s forever home is a veritable human smorgasbord – two adults and four children provide him with plenty of love, affection, and a range of sleeping options. When asked how Major has changed their lives, one of the kids pipes up: “Happy!”

The settling in process has been a great experience for Major and his humans. “It was about getting to know his personality,” Major’s human mum, Rebecca, says. The family agrees Major is a lot more relaxed these days. “The last few months, his personality is really starting to come out, and it’s nice that we get to see that. He’s a good fit for us.”

“He’s a great companion to all of us,” says Major’s human dad, Tim. “He does funny stuff, and is nice and chilled out,” Rebecca adds. “He’s got these funny little idiosyncrasies, but he’s a really sweet dog.”

The Major deal
Everyone on Major's chair pronto!
A pat is always close at hand in Major's new digs

One of those idiosyncrasies involves Major’s sneaky side – he’s been known to steal items from bedrooms, such as tasty lip gloss, and hide them. He even made an attempt on our reporter’s sunglasses during their visit!

“He likes to sneak little things,” says Rebecca. “You’ll see him walking out and it’ll be in his mouth, and he won’t look at you.”

When Major does look at you, he can sometimes be a master at the hilarious canine art of the side-eye shutdown. Another of his specialities: “When he sees food, he starts to drool and blows big bubbles,” says Rebecca.

“He likes people – he likes to be around people,” she says. “He just likes to be close to you – well, he likes to be close to me,” says Tim. “He loves Tim,” Rebecca adds. Their bromance is evident in the way Major looks at Tim – the words “love of his life” come to mind.

Living with Major does have its disadvantages – despite being a short-haired dog, he sheds hair at an unbelievable rate. “We were like, oh he’s short haired, he won’t moult much,” says Rebecca. “His hair is everywhere.”

“You’re making a sandwich and there’s hair in the bun,” says Tim. “What? Is this our life now?”

Major: The Bark-lounger Extraordinaire!
Major with his greatest love, Tim
Car rides are majorly serious
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