Changes at DHoT

We have noticed how chilled and relaxed our adoption dogs are since we have limited public access to comply with COVID 19 related regulations. With less people gathering in our adoption area the dogs are more relaxed, and less prone to becoming over aroused and engaged in excessive barking. In the past we have offered …

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Is your dog feeling poorly?

Sadly, reports of sick dogs have been popping up on Facebook.  There have been confirmed cases of canine coronavirus in the community and also amongstracing greyhounds. The Department of Primary Industries, Parks, Water and Environment put out pressreleases in March and earlier this month. The press release describes the virus as a contagious gastroenteritis(vomiting/diarrhoea).  This form …

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Puppy socialisation

The first 17 weeks of a puppy’s life are crucial for learning and socialisation. Putting time into your new puppy will set the good foundation for a confident, happy dog. Socialisation is about having a range of new experiences, not just meeting other dogs.  Learning to keep calm and ignore other dogs/people is just as …

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Winter Appeal 2020

2020 began with great expectation until COVID 19 encroached and changed all our lives. An uncertain world presented. I was looking forward to our 70th anniversary year but celebrations were set aside and our energy is now focused on ensuring our furry friends  are cared for amidst the COVID 19 restrictions. I am immensely proud …

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Boredom busters for your dog

Enrichment is the buzz word for providing fun activities that support your dog’s mental wellbeing.  Dogs and owners benefit through engagement reducing boredom and ‘naughty’ behaviours such as barking, digging and chewing. Ideas for activities and toys that you can do on the cheap are available online. Try a range of activities until you find …

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