Bobo finds his fairytale ending

Here’s a story straight out of Hollywood, with a fairytale ending to boot. In fact, you could say that as far as family goes, Bobo went from Slumdog to Millionaire.

An eight-year-old Great Dane-Mastiff x, Bobo spent four months with us, dividing his time between our Hobart Home and foster care before being adopted in mid-February.

Bobo’s foster carer, “Helping” Hans Hermans, gave big boy Bobo a glowing report. “He is just the gentlest giant around the house. I call him Bobo the Clown … because he is!”

“He’s perfect in the house, toilet and house trained,” Hans continued. “He doesn’t jump onto the couch or bed but steps onto them,” he laughed. “He loves his big rope toys. He also loves to collect his toys from around the house, locating a safe place for them. Later, he’ll transport them all to another safe location — I assume to always ensure their welfare.

Bobo's adoption profile picture
Bobo's adoption profile picture.
Bobo with volunteer Hans.
Bobo playing at the Hobart Dogs' Home
Bobo playing at the Hobart Dogs' Home.

“He’s a good listener and does as he’s asked. He’s very relaxed at all times and, despite being 46kg, is never in the way. He is pretty much bulletproof in a home environment. He hasn’t been destructive except for one fluffy toy, and has perfect manners when his food is being prepared – he eats slowly and is more of a grazer.”

So what’s the fairytale ending, we hear you ask? It seems Bobo was meant to stay with us longer than we’d have liked — it took some time, but the person who bred him discovered he was with us, and the rest very rapidly became history.

Not only was Bobo reunited with his original humans, but he went home with his mother Boo and sister Brin to live out the rest of his days with plenty of company, surrounded by his loving family on a country property with lots of room for this young-at-heart boy to enjoy.

Volunteer and foster carer Hans with Bobo at the Hobart Dogs' Home
Volunteer Hans made sure Bobo received plenty of love whilst he was in our care.
Bobo back with his mum and breeder, Amy
Back with his sister Brin, mum Boo and breeder Amy.
Playing tug of war with him mum Boo
Playing with his mum Boo.
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