Little “Butters” was found in the middle of the highway near Launceston by some caring tourists. A tiny pup, with a broken rear leg. They brought her to the Dogs’ Home where she was treated by our vets and taken into foster care with our Vet Nurse Michelle, who always goes the extra mile for our dogs.
We weren’t sure if Butters’ leg could be saved, but wanted to give her every chance. She spent 6 weeks with her leg in a cast with bandages brightened up by Michelle’s artistic skills. When the cast was finally removed there were more weeks of gentle exercise, including some hydrotherapy, until she was 100% fit and scampering around on all four legs. While in foster care Butters attended puppy school, and was well socialized with dogs, cats, kids and various farm animals. So in spite of her rough start in life this little dog was beautifully prepared for her future family.
A lovely lady adopted her, and Butters is now living her best life with a loving owner on a property by the sea.

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