Fundraise for us

Do you want to be there for dogs?

You can help our four Homes across the State to be here for dogs when they need help. 

The money you raise will:

  • help a sick or injured dog, ensuring they are healthy and pain-free so they can start life in a new home.  
  • give the dogs safe, dry outdoor spaces to decompress and relax. We have more than twenty play yards at our 4 homes, and many of them are in a bad state.  We urgently need to fix drainage, pave mud holes, and replace shade/ rain awnings to keep everyone dry in winter and cool in summer. 

Two ways to fundraise:

Just you (and your dog!)

Set up a fundraising page and ask your friends if they can help you be there for all dogs in need. Set up your page, add your dog's photo, why your dog matters to you, and why you support Dogs' Homes of Tasmania. Then share on your social media.

Form a team

Many paws make light work so why not get together with some like-minded friends and form a team? Hold some fun events, bake some pupcakes, go on sniffari. Whatever you do, don't forget to share, share, share what you are doing so your friends, and your friends' friends can help you be there for dogs.

Fundraiser prizes

We are grateful to all the pawsome humans who have fundraised for us, and want to say thanks with our fundraiser prizes.  Click here for terms and conditions. 

Raise $250

Raise $250 or more and you will win a free pass to a Hobart Sniffari for you and up to three doggie friends. Or a Dogs' Homes Keep Cup you can take on your own Sniffari.

$250 will help put a happy smile on the face of a dog who had painful teeth that needed treatment.

Raise $500

Raise $500 or more and you'll win a "Pawsome Human" bag. Perfect for carrying dog treats, poo bags and a long leash for your next doggie adventure.

$500 will give our doggies dry paws in an exercise yard - fix the drainage to stop the mud holes, and repair a shelter awning.

Raise $1000

Raise $1000 and you'll win a Pawsome Human t-shirt and a doggie gift pack for the special dog in your life.

$1000 will help support a mum and her litter of unplanned puppies with high quality food and medical care, and pay for mum to be desexed after the puppies are weaned.

Tips for event planning
Download posters and fliers here
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