Helping Hans’ throws down challenge to chief

Long-time volunteer “Helping” Hans Hermans is at it again – he just can’t help himself from coming up with wacky ways to raise funds for the Dogs’ Homes.

Hans, who is in his 28th year of volunteering for the Homes, has really gotten creative for our Christmas Appeal, which runs until the end of this month. He’s thrown down a challenge to Dogs’ Homes CEO Mark Wild that involves the removal of some well-cultivated facial hair.

But Hans may not have counted on Mark upping the ante – and now Hans faces an entire day in “detention”.

“I am this year hoping to raise a total of $5000 for the place I call my Happy Place,” Hans says in his Facebook fundraiser for the Homes. “If I can first raise $2000, then CEO Mark Wild will happily (or unhappily) let me shave his beard in total, which I will do with the utmost pleasure and care.” This statement was followed by a winking emoji.

“But then Mark came up with the idea, if $5000 can be raised, then he will happily place me in an adoptions row puppy pen for a day with any pups that need caring for,” he says. What a sacrifice!

Well, it turns out Hans has already achieved his $2000 goal, so unhappily for Mark, the beard is going. 

Rufus and Hans raising funds in Hobart
Hans with his late dog Rufus. This dynamic duo were fundraising super stars for many years!

Help Hans reach his goal of $5,000 by visiting his fundraiser on his Facebook page:

CEO Mark with dog Sam
CEO Mark (with Sam) who will soon be beardless!
Helping Hans cutting grass
Hans 'hand cutting' grass in one of his previous fundraising challenges.
Hans cuddling with Skye at the Hobart Home
Hans cuddling with Skye in recent times at the Hobart Home.
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