Name: My name is Mr eNORMous but my friends call me Norm.

 I am 10 years old. That’s 53 in your human years!

Weight: 72kg of big boy goodness. But don’t worry, I can still fit on your lap for cuddles!

Breed: Mastiff/Great Dane/Irish Wolfhound. Mum says I look like more English Mastiff than Wolfhound though.

Dog siblings: I live with my older brother Dreamy (what a ridiculous name) who is a Kelpie X, and my little brother Sir Tater Tot who is an ambassadog in training. Mum adopted all of us from the Dogs’ Home. She even hand raised Dreamy from only a few days old.


Loves: I love to drool and lean on people, leaving a trail of liquid love (or so I call it) behind me.  I also love my work as a Dogs’ Home ambassadog and foster dad. Puppies and cuddles are the best.

Hates: I hate that Tater Tot gets to sleep on mum’s bed while I’m banished to a mattress on the floor. Its not my fault I gave her a black eye when I rolled over one night… I’m just big. And I know mum dribbles in her sleep so I’m not sure why it’s a problem when I do it.

What’s your favourite thing to do? My favourite thing to do is when mum takes me out and I get to be the centre of attention. I love getting cuddles, pats and treats from all my admirers.

How did you came to be adopted? I was the first of my litter to be surrendered to the Dogs’ Home at around seven months of age. My mum immediately fell for my charm and charisma and took me home to be fostered. Well, that’s what she told my dad anyway. Once I had him wrapped around my paw I was formerly adopted.

Did all your littermates find nice new homes? I saw five of my littermates surrendered to the Dogs’ Home over the three months after I arrived. All of them were surrendered because they were growing too big or jumping their owners’ fences. The family reunion was nice but I wish it happened under happier circumstances. Luckily for all of us though, the staff and volunteers at the Dogs’ Home are always here for every dog so they were committed to finding the best outcome for each of us. I got to see each of my siblings head off to their great new homes were they are very loved.

What’s life like at your house? My house is chaotic fun. Mum is not just a crazy dog lady, she loves all animals. I guess I’m a little the same. I’ve been a foster dad to well over 300 foster puppies and I’ve helped raise a few lambs and kittens over the years too.

Aside from Tater and Dreamy, I currently share my home with two cats, a bull, a sheep, a goat, a pony, a tribe of chickens, a couple of stinky rats, gold fish, two annoying (but loveable) teenagers and my mum. It’s a fulltime job keeping everyone in line, but I love them all.

Can you tell us a little about being an ambassadog at the Dogs’ Home? I love my role as ambassadog for Dogs’ Homes of Tasmania.  I started out as a youngster, helping with difficult dog assessments and progressed to volunteer inductions where everybody loved me! Later on, I attended schools to visit the kids and teach them about responsible dog ownership. I’ve also helped with fundraising events at Bunnings and BWS and annual Street Appeals. I’ve even been to Government House! I love getting out and about in the community, spreading the word of the amazing work my friends at the Dogs’ Home do.

Are you confident to eventually hand the lead over to Tater? Tater doesn’t have the same charm and charisma I do… but I guess he does look cute in those ridiculous clothes mum puts on him. Thank goodness it’s hard to find costumes big enough to fit me! Mum says I’ve been a great mentor to Tater, and although he has some big paw prints to fill, she’s confident with a little more guidance from us both that he will do just fine.

What has been your best ambassadog day: I’ve had so many amazing moments as an ambassadog it’s hard to pick just one day… Government House was great. It was an honour to be invited. I got so much attention, and everyone laughed when I upstaged the Governor with my poorly timed tail wag on the hardwood floors!

What about your best foster dad day: The best foster dad days are any day I can get into a bit of mischief and get away with it in the name of ‘puppy enrichment’. Digging the occasional hole with the help of a little mate is a good example of that. It’s too hard for mum to get mad if a cute puppy is involved!

Being a foster dad has been so rewarding. It’s getting hard to keep up with the young whipper snappers these days though. So I’m glad to have Tater to wear out the youngins nowadays’

Ambassadog Norm
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