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YOU can help Tasmania’s lost and abandoned dogs

Every year about 3,000 dogs across the state come to the Dogs’ Homes.

Sadly, the rising cost of living and financial hardships confronting people today have resulted in a rise of surrendered older dogs, sick dogs, and a growing number of people surrendering their dogs because they can no longer afford proper care.

And our staff and resources are stretched to capacity.

Many people do not realise that we rely on people like you to support our welfare operations.

Without you, we can’t help Tasmania’s lost and abandoned dogs that come to our door.

Will you please donate so we can continue saving dogs that need our help?

Dogs like Gremlin shouldn’t suffer

Dogs like Gremlin come to us in desperate need of help. Gremlin is a small Terrier who was found on the streets of Launceston. She was in a terrible state, and one of her eyes was so badly infected that it was beyond saving.

But this did not break Gremlin’s spirit. After dental work, hernia surgery, eye removal and medication, the staff, volunteers, and a kind-hearted foster carer nursed Gremlin back to health.

We do whatever we can so no dog has to suffer

We step in and provide the necessary surgery and compassionate care dogs like Gremlin desperately need.

But we can’t continue without you.

Prefer to donate via bank transfer or, Pay Pal or cheque? Click here.

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Help more dogs like Gremlin to receive the love and care they deserve.

It’s costing us more and more to look after Tasmania’s lost and abandoned dogs.  We hate to think what would happen to these dogs if we were not here. We urgently need your support to care for dogs in need.

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