Keeping your dog safe at Christmas

We quite often have visitors staying at Christmas.  If they don’t have their own dogs, they may be unaware of what you do from habit to keep your dog’s safe.  Its alright to explain the need to put medication and chocolate away.

Chocolate is a popular present and regularly makes an appearance under the Christmas Tree as part of a present or in a stocking.  The popularity of chocolate with higher cocoa density is problematic for dogs investigating the present stack or suitcases. 

Poinsettias are pretty Christmas plants.  They aren’t too dangerous if treated properly but remember that they are mucous-membrane irritants and should be kept up out of reach.

Medications are problematic if visitors leave them in their suitcases or in handbags left on the ground for inquisitive noses. 

Alcohol is not good for animals.  We are all guilty of leaving glasses tucked under chairs.  Encourage family and guests to put glasses of alcoholic beverages on tables or benches.  Make sure to clean up after parties.

Dried fruit in mince tarts, puddings or as a present need to be removed from your dog’s reach.

Left over ham should not be fed to dogs as it can cause pancreatitis.

With all the comings and goings of family and guests, keep an eye on doors and gates.

If your dog isn’t a fan of strangers, loud music and having lots of people around, recognize the stress and fear.  Manage the situation by providing a safe space for your dog and providing stress relieving aids such as Adaptil, and activities like lickimats or chew toys.

Finally, remember to take your pooch for a walk/swim or play and enjoy some together time.

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