How long have you been with your humans?

Evie: My humans picked me to take home in 2017. I was just a couple of months old and was found wandering the streets of Clarendon Vale.

Pete: I was a street dog too. I don’t like to think about that time. What has life together been like?

Evie: It’s tolerable. I don’t get as many treats as I would like and the thread count on bed sheets is a little low but otherwise it’s good. The pats are plentiful and the walkies are regular.

Pete: Do you have an animal companions? Do you like them?

Evie: No, I’m an only fur child. I am the boss of this household and that’s the way I like it. Couldn’t have any other furry critters trying to steal my limelight. Once a week I spend the day at doggie daycare (Everydog in Glenorchy) where I play with all my friends.

Mom and me when I was little
Being the boss of the house.
Me at doggie daycare.

Pete: Doggy daycare? My human slave looks after my daycare, which she attends to poorly, of course. Anyway, are there special things you do with your humans?

Evie: We do everything together, I even come with them when they go to the toilet in case they get lonely in there.

Pete: I like to snatch the toilet paper from my slave’s hand. What are your favourite things?

Evie: Food is my all-time favourite thing. I like treats regularly and in generous serves. Pizza crusts are my favourite snack. I love snuggles under the blanket on the couch. And I’m rather partial to chasing the ball. My favourite TV show is The Chase, though my humans tend to yell out the answers.

I like giving my humans kisses (licks), particularly if they have food on their faces.

Pete: And your dislikes?

Evie: I’m not a big fan of the vacuum cleaner. Birds in my backyard also irritate me, I chase them regularly but I’m yet to catch one. I dislike shower time, which seems to come far too frequently. When it’s over I do some of my best zoomies.

Pete: What are your happiest memories with your humans?

Evie: I fondly recall some long walks on the beach at sunset. We’ve done some lovely car trips, especially to Wynyard where my grandparents live.

Pete: My slave tells me you starred in your humans’ weeding photos. What is a weeding and how come you were so important?

Evie: The weeding is where my hoomans celebrate loving each other. But because they love me the most and I’m the boss of the house, I had to be part of it.  Also, I’m obviously the most photogenic one in the family so of course they wanted me front and centre in the pics! And I got to go to my fur mum’s hens’ party too!

Pete: I don’t know what a hens’ party is but it sounds delicious. My human is very odd. Is there something odd that you have discovered about your humans?

Evie: They talk to me constantly. I can’t even stretch without them saying “ahhh big stretch”.

My fur dad is a vegan, which I find very odd. But on the upside it means more meat for me!

Pete: Mmmm meat. My human says I’m very odd. Of course, she is wrong. What do your humans think is odd about you?

Evie: I have been known to eat wallaby poop, which they were disgusted by. But if you find the right wallaby it can be a culinary delight. They also laugh when I roll around vigorously on the grass. Don’t they know I need to scratch my back?

Pete: Mmmm wallaby poo. One thing my human does that I like is reassure me that she loves me and everything is okay. How has being in love and loved made a difference in your life? Why do they keep forcing me to ask this soppy question?

Evie: My humans rescued me from the streets so now I don’t like being alone. They both work from home so I get to spend every second of every day with them and follow them round like shadows. When they do have to go somewhere without me they always do a big dramatic speech like “We’ll be right back, you just have a lil nap on the couch and when you wake up we’ll be home. Be good. Have a great day. We love you”, and so on. It gets tiresome. They also call me silly names like doggo, puppykins, sweet furry angel baby, Evolution and many more. It’s hard to keep up. Some think I’m spoiled (they do sometimes call me their little unemployed freeloader) but I definitely add a lot of love, fun and chaos to the household. They wouldn’t have it any other way.

Play time with my friends.
My humans’ wedding, with me being the most photogenic one in the family.
Dad loves me, can’t you see?
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