Sam gets a life change and a new name

In June 2023, Dwayne (now Sam) arrived at the Dogs’ Homes, seeking care and a second chance. Before being placed up for adoption, he underwent a comprehensive health check, including de-sexing, vaccinations, and flea/worm/tick treatment. Additionally, he received treatment for an ear infection, a small wound, and diarrhea.

Fortunately, Dwayne found his much-needed second chance.

“He has settled in extremely well,” his humans tell us. “He has met our grandchildren – aged eight, five and three – and they all get along really well. He was playful and gentle, and loved all the scratches. Sometimes his affection is a little too much but with a firm command he will go into his bed or grab a toy.

“Sam is not at all keen on taking food/treats from the hand so training has been a little challenging but we are working with praise when he follows commands.

Dwayne's (now Sam) adoption profile.
Dwayne waiting for a second chance.
Sam in the car
The paw-fect passenger.
Sam cuddling his new human
Sam can relax now. He's loved.

“Sam loves trips in the car, even if it’s five minutes up to the shop. We have ventured to our dog park a few times and have played well with other dogs.

“He is great around a large group of people of all ages and loves all the attention. Sam loves playing with his toys – he has a few favourites and plays with them on his own as well as with us.

“He loves, loves, loves pig’s ears and we use these when we know he will be home alone. He has well and truly got us under his paw and we are so thankful we adopted him.”

Sam showing his pearly whites
Showing his pearly whites!
Can you see that smile? Dreaming about his new life.
Sam with his toy
One of his favourite toys — teddy.
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