Sonny the snuggle smuggler


Some dogs can be a little standoffish when it comes to snuggle time. Then there’s dogs like Sonny (previously Cerberus), who was made for sleepy cuddles with his favourite humans.

In Greek mythology, Cerberus is a three-headed dog who guards the gates to the Underworld. It’s not the prettiest mental picture, so Sonny had a name change when he went to his forever home.

Eight-month-old Sonny, a Staffy-Alaskan Malamute x, was adopted by his new family in early June. His human mother, Ebony, tell us he is “doing so wonderfully”.

“He’s learning some more commands as time goes on, and proving more and more just how cheeky he is,” she says. “We have discovered he is basically a tiger shark and can eat anything … including a cactus at Nan’s house.

Fur-dad and son (Sonny)
Fur-mum and son (Sonny)
Snuggles here, there and everywhere

“He still has absolutely no idea what size he is and believes he can fit in even the smallest of spaces — usually trying to fit between two people or on someone for a cuddle. He is the biggest snuggle smuggler to ever exist!”

Turns out Sonny is pretty much a great big softy in every way: “He gets very upset if other dogs growl at him, coming straight to us for a big snuggle.

“He’s really just so gentle hearted. I don’t think he could hurt a fly! He is so loved and has been the perfect addition to our family.”

He has no idea what size he is...
Serious snoozing
Training with dad
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