Every dog is an individual.

One of our greatest joys at Dogs’ Homes of Tasmania is naming a litter of puppies.   Even though we know their new families may  give their pup a new name, we give each puppy a name while they are with us, because every dog at our Home is an individual, and every single one of them is very special to us.   

We love to give our litters a theme, and that can help adopters match up with siblings years later. For example our “Weather” puppies were named Cloud, Mist, Aurora, Storm, Breeze, Sunshine, Rain and Zephyr, and our “Wolf” litter were named after types of Wolf  – Texas, Tundra, Baffin, Arctic, Red, Kenai, Timber, MacKenzie and Gregory.  So if Rain and Sunshine meet up at the Dog Park one day, and their humans get talking, they’ll know their dogs are siblings.  

If you’ve got a new mate to name, download our A- Z of the best dog names to help you chose a special name that suits them perfectly. 

Already named your best mate? Watch our video on Tassie’s top 20 names in 2021 to see if your dog’s name is there. 

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