Dogs' Homes of Tasmania Winter Appeal

Thank you for supporting the Dogs’ Homes of Tasmania Winter Appeal.

Together we have raised over $85,000 which will be used to fund much needed kennel repairs and vet care for our dogs.

Heartfelt thanks to each and every person who donated or raised funds for us.  

Our Winter Appeal Ambassadogs

Our Winter Appeal Ambassadogs – Norm, Hunter, Pyklet and Halen – are now much loved family dogs, but they remember when they needed our help. They’ve joined forces to paw it forward for other dogs in need.  

Tiny Hunter came to us sad, scared and in pain. His broken leg couldn’t be saved, but expert vet care and then adoption by gentle, loving owners means that his new life is safe, happy and pain-free.


Norm was surrendered at 10 months because he was ‘too big’. He found a new, loving home and now he paws it forward as a foster granddaddy for Dogs’ Home puppies.  

Pyklet and Halen are best buddies and great family dogs. Pyklet is ten and was adopted as a senior and then Halen joined the family as a puppy.  



Thank you to Ken Drake Photography who donated time and talent to produce the beautiful images of our Winter Appeal Ambassadogs  and filmed and edited our thank you video. 

Ken Drake Photography – About Photographer Ken Drake

Born in the UK, multi-award winning Master Photographer Ken Drake proudly calls Tasmania home. 

Since 2006, he has focused his lens exclusively on animal photography in Australia believing that each and every animal he photographs is an individual with their very own, unique personality. Ken has a special affinity with dogs, taking the time to get to know them in each sitting, drawing out their individual personality and showing the beauty and unique character of each dog. 

Ken has won many photographic awards nationally and internationally, published  four books and appeared on national TV, radio and various media. He now focuses his talents on creating stunning animal wall art and prints and private pet portrait commissions.  

At Dogs’ Homes of Tasmania we are honoured that Ken and his team have given their services for free to assist our Winter Appeal, and delighted with his portraits of our Ambassadogs. 

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