Every dog deserves a loving home

Ruff! It’s AmbassaDOG and Special CorresPAWndent Pete here, with my report on this year’s Dogs’ Homes of Tasmania Winter Appeal which has now drawn to a close.

First, I have a complaint to make: when they told me I was going to be the face of the appeal, I thought all the money was coming to me! My plan to have my own luxury, tiny gypsy caravan is wrecked now.

But seriously, thank you to everyone who donated. Every little bit helps the Homes to find forever families for dogs in need, just like I did.

Dogs’ Homes CEO Mark Wild told me that although the amount raised – $45,000 – fell short of our $75,000 goal, he was still very pleased with the result.

“We all know the cost of living crisis is biting and Tasmanians are doing it tough,” Mark said. “The fact that people could still dig into their wallets for our dogs goes to prove that the famed Tasmanian generosity still stands strong, despite difficult times.”

We have kept our appeal open to continued donations, if you would like to donate, just scroll down. Thank you!

For an average length of stay, it can cost between $500 and $3,000 for a dog to be in our care.

Deb’s shining light


Life isn’t always easy. Many of us have survived times so hard, we might look back and wonder how we got through. Deb doesn’t have to wonder – she knows the answer. It’s an English Staffy named Lilly Rose, adopted in 2010.

“She was in the kennel, crying – you could tell she was overwhelmed – and just looked so sad,” Deb says. 

“She was my glue – what kept me going. When I used to have really bad days and be sad, she would always pick up on that. So, if I’d been crying, she’d come over and lick my face, and make sure I was all right.”

No time limits on finding love


Every dog deserves a loving home – but some can take a long time to find that home. At the Dogs’ Homes of Tasmania, we don’t give up on our “long-timers”.

Chevy, a 45kg three-year-old Bull Arab, had spent 16 months at the Hobart Home before being adopted by Callam in March.

He says Chevy likes to keep close. “He’s got to know where you are, and if you’re sitting down he’s got to be touching you. He’s just a big sook. Of a night time we’ll sit on the couch and he’ll go to sleep on my lap or try to sit on my lap.”

Our four homes never turn a dog away — we are always here, for every dog.


Each year staff and volunteers at our four Homes help approx. 3,000 lost, stray and unwanted dogs.

All donations over $2 are tax deductible.

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