'Wrap stars’ centre of attention

A team of volunteers became “wrap stars” at Northgate Shopping Centre in the lead-up to Christmas, all in support of the Dogs’ Homes.

The Glenorchy centre kindly invited us to offer Christmas gift-wrapping services, which was a great opportunity for us to give back to the community and connect with our Dogs’ Homes family and supporters. 

We’d like to thank Northgate management for the opportunity, but especially everyone who volunteered from December 15-24. We all know how busy the Christmas season can be, and we appreciate the sacrifice of that increasingly valuable commodity, time. We’re grateful for your support.

The wrapping service was free, but we raised $4148 in donations and Northgate generously contributed an additional $2000! Every dollar we raised will go straight to supporting our furry friends at our four Homes around the state.

Christmas wrapping event 2023
Wrap stars Cheyenne, Cathy, Leonie and Deb.
Christmas wrapping in action
Wrapping was serious business for Lucinda!
Christmas wrapping ladies with Santa
Wrap stars Lucinda, Courtney and Leonie with the man in red himself.
Christmas wrapping ladies
Wrap stars Cheyenne, Cathy and Anna.
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