Archie benefits from collaboration

Archie came to us with significant toileting issues which the owners had tried to manage for years.  Archie poos and wees everywhere, anywhere and anytime.

The owners had tried everything and reluctantly called us for help and finally made the heartbreaking decision to surrender Archie to us.  They are to be commended for the effort and love they gave Archie.  Many people would have given up much sooner.

A basic health check hasn’t found any major issue and we weren’t able to find a suitable foster carer to take Archie, particularly given his behavioural toileting problem.   So we made a quick call to Brightside who were eager to help us achieve a greyt outcome for Archie.

The Dogs’ Homes of Tasmania always acts in the best interest of every dog that come into our care and we love to collaborate with other organisations that share our focus.

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