Changes at DHoT

We have noticed how chilled and relaxed our adoption dogs are since we have limited public access to comply with COVID 19 related regulations.

With less people gathering in our adoption area the dogs are more relaxed, and less prone to becoming over aroused and engaged in excessive barking.

In the past we have offered open Homes and at times have had large crowds of people walking in to look at the dogs.  Unfortunately, some dogs are easily stressed by people looking directly at them and can exhibit stress based behaviours such as excessive barking.  They are also stressed by loud noises, lots of kids running around or numbers of people gathering around the one kennel.

Sometimes a dog might react to someone wearing a hat or sunglasses or just a person’s beard.

The dog’s stress triggers may be a product of their previous life experiences and personality. 

We understand people love to visit our homes and see our dogs. We love to see you when you are interested in a particular dog or seriously looking for your future furry friend. If you just want to have a look around, we would prefer you come to one of our open days – that will be interesting and fun.

For the benefit of the dogs, DHoT will keep limiting the number of visitors to the all adoption areas.    We ask that you walk calmly around the kennels, observe signage and please be understanding if one of our friendly staff or volunteers offer any directions

We deeply value our community support and hope you are supportive of our changes

As always, the dogs are our focal point.

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