Tips for a successful adoption.

Having arrived home with your new canine companion, now is the time for you both to spend time getting know each other.

When you adopted your dog Dogs’ Homes staff may have given recommendations regarding dog parks, other dogs and children.  Please pay attention to these, particularly until you know how your dog will behave in different situations. 

Do read the adoption booklet that you received as it is full of useful advice.

To help you and your dog establish a great relationship, we advise that you follow the 3 3s of adoption.  These are guidelines and some dogs may take longer to adjust.

First 3 days

Allow your dog to settle in your home without distraction.  This means no dog parks; no trips to the beach; no off-leash romps and no rushing off to meet friends’ dogs.

If you already have a dog at home, make sure that you separate the dogs at mealtimes.  Both dogs will need space while they get to know each other.

Do keep the house quiet with only members of the household interacting with the dog.

Do go for quiet short on-lead walks in your neighbourhood.

Rushing your dog can be a recipe for disaster and a failed adoption.

First 3 weeks

Gradually introduce your dog to friends and family paying close attention to how your dog behaves.  If your dog is looking stressed (i.e. yawning/licking lips/whale eyes), step in and remove your dog to a safe space.

As you start to take your dog out for on-lead walks watch how it behaves around other dogs and people and be your dog’s advocate.  Avoid face-to-face meetings as dogs find these meetings quite rude!

Watch for how your dog reacts to other people, particularly kids and people in hats; with beards; in hiviz vests etc.  Also look for reactions to wheelchairs; skateboards; cars; umbrellas and in other situations.  If your dog is stressed, you may need to call us for advice or find a trainer.

The more you pay attention to your dog’s behaviour and body language the better your relationship will be.

First 3 months

By now your dog should have settled into your home.  If you are having difficulties call us for advice.

Remember that everything you do with your dog should give enjoyment to both of you.  Just like people, dogs have their particular likes and dislikes which should be respected.

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