We help lost and unwanted dogs throughout Tasmania

Dogs’ Homes of Tasmania has been here for dogs for more than 70 years. We re-unite lost dogs with their families and find new homes for unwanted dogs. We are committed to zero euthanasia of healthy, temperamentally sound dogs.

The latest scoop from the Dogs' Homes

Hobart gets ‘Moore’ love

Our Hobart Home has some much-needed improvements thanks to the hard work of volunteer Richard Moore. From removing a troublesome hedge to replacing old, unsafe stairs and updating the grooming room, Richard’s efforts are helping make the home a nicer place. These small changes are making a big difference in creating a safer and more inviting space for both people and dogs.

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Volunteer Tinisha

Tinisha gives northern dogs a taste of home

Volunteer Tinisha is in the spotlight in celebration of National Volunteer Week. “With fostering, I always thought it’d be hard to give any dogs who came through my home back, but that’s actually one of the more rewarding aspects. ” says Tinisha. “Knowing that you gave them the little bit of extra care and attention they needed before finding their forever home is honestly so rewarding.”

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Karen McKenzie Launceston volunteer

Karen gets her hands dirty for the best cause

Volunteer Karen is in the spotlight in celebration of National Volunteer Week. “I always wanted to do something that involved dogs.” says Karen. “I wasn’t sure if I would cope but felt I had to give volunteering at the Home a go. Many people say to me ‘I couldn’t do that as I would want to take all the dogs home with me’. My answer is: ‘So do I, but you can’t take them all home — but you can make a difference!’

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Richard and Boof

King Richard is Hobart’s quiet achiever

Volunteer Richard is in the spotlight in celebration of National Volunteer Week. Richard has been quietly helping to keep the wheels turning at the Hobart Dogs’ Home for more than a decade. He has fixed roofs, repaired kennels, made furniture, designed and created “dog sniff stations”, built things and renovated other things, painted stuff, tackled woodwork and gardening chores — you name it, Richard’s had his hands on it.

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Mr Biscuit with his dad, Dale

Cute cookie Biscuit is now a mister

Biscuit has taken a step up in the world since he was adopted from our Devonport Home. His forever family decided “he needed a distinguished gentleman’s name to go with his moustache”, so he’s now referred to as Mr Biscuit wherever he goes. “It’s been a just over six months since Mr Biscuit strolled into our lives like he owned the place — and let’s be real, he pretty much does,” said his human dad, Dale.

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Boston with his stuffed toy

Boston’s love story — more than a feeling

“I just love him so much. Boston is my life.” Thirteen years ago, Boston embarked on his new life with Sarah after being adopted from our Hobart Home. He had been found as a stray, wandering the streets of Claremont. Now 16 years old, Boston might be undergoing hydrotherapy for his old bones, stairs have been replaced by ramps, and his favourite beds have been pimped with orthotic beds underneath, but …

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Take your dog on a Sniffari!

A Sniffari is a ‘sniffing safari’ for your dog. Our Sniffari is a bushland walk located within the expansive land behind our Hobart Home.

Along the walk are ‘sniff stations’ filled with exciting sniffy items for your dog to enjoy. A dog’s sense of smell is 10,000 times greater than ours. It is through their amazing noses that they see the world. So, I guess you could say this is a cinematic experience for them!

Every dollar raised from Sniffaries goes directly to helping our dogs.

Our core focuses:


Safe and caring homes for every dog.

Dog Welfare

Every year we care for over 3000 dogs in need.


We promote responsible dog ownership at schools and in the community.

Every donation big or small makes a positive difference

Each donation goes to helping care for & rehome dogs

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