Is your dog feeling poorly?

Sadly, reports of sick dogs have been popping up on Facebook. 

There have been confirmed cases of canine coronavirus in the community and also amongst
racing greyhounds.

The Department of Primary Industries, Parks, Water and Environment put out press
releases in March and earlier this month. 
The press release describes the virus as a contagious gastroenteritis

This form of coronavirus is not related to Covid19.

It is contagious between dogs with puppies and young dogs being susceptible .

If your dog is suffering from vomiting, diarrhoea, loss of appetite, lethargy or fever
contact your vet for advice. 

As this is contagious do the right thing and keep your dog at home until it recovers.  Dogs can shed the virus in poo and other
bodily fluids so best to keep recovered dogs at home for a couple of weeks.  

To help stop the spread of the disease, please pick up your dog’s poo and dispose of it

It may be advisable to avoid popular dog areas for the next couple of weeks and go for walks keeping
your dog on lead. 

As an alternative, checkout ideas for enrichment activities to do at home on our

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