Pete asks Dogs’ Home alumnus, Hux, ‘where are you now?’

Pete: How long have you been with your humans?

Hux: Seven months, but it feels like I’ve been part of the family forever!

Pete: What has life together been like?

Hux: Life has been perfect – it’s like I was made for my family.

Pete: Really? I prefer to think my family was made for me. Do you have any animal companions? Do you like them?

Hux: I have one animal companion. His name is Bernard, and he is a chihuahua mix like me. He is my best friend, and we look so alike people think we are from the same litter. But I have better manners than Bernard – he eats like a pig!

Pete: Sounds awful. I prefer to eat like a dog and growl at my human if she tries to touch me. Anyway, are there special things you do with your humans?

Hux: Everything I do with my humans is special, but my favourite was when Bernard and I got to be security guards at our human aunty’s birthday. It was so cool. Mum even got us security shirts to wear, and we looked so handsome! Good thing we are big and scary looking.

Pete: That sounds like fun – scaring people is one of my favourite things. What are your favourite things to do?

Hux: I like to play with soft toys, but sometimes I get a little too enthusiastic … I might have “accidentally decapitated” my Aunty Sarah’s stuffed giraffe doorstop. Lucky I’m cute and she loves me. I also love cuddling with my family. I sleep with my human brother every night – and mum even got us a double bed so we would be more comfortable! When Aunty Sarah comes to stay, I sleep with her. I like to snuggle up to her and sleep with my head on her shoulder. I feel safe, and I can snore right in her ear all night to reassure her I’m there. My other favourite thing to do is eat – I love food, any food!

Pete: Feeling safe is very important. Also food, that’s very, very important. Super important. Like, the Big Numero Uno (not the card game). So, what are your dislikes? I have lots of them.

Hux: I don’t have many dislikes – I’m a very happy boy. The only thing I really dislike is when my youngest human brother teases me sometimes. But I fixed him the last time he teased me by pooping in his shoe!

Pete: Congratulations! That’s really great work. What are your happiest memories with your humans?

Hux: My happiest moment was when they took me home. I knew I belonged in my family from the minute I met them, and that I was going to my forever home. They loved me, even though I was pretty much naked – luckily mum nursed me and helped me grow my fur back. Any memory with my humans is happy memory … except maybe the times they took me to the vet, I don’t like that thermometer.

Pete: I’m still growing back some of my fur after a year with my human and, frankly, I blame her. And don’t get me started on the thermometer. I’ve noticed that my human is very odd. Is there something odd you have discovered about your humans?

Me with my family.
Bernard and I snoozin’.

Hux: My human brothers are odd. They spend almost all their time playing these weird games on their electronic gizmos. Personally, I prefer to play fetch.

Pete: My human says I’m very odd. Of course, she is wrong. What do your humans think is odd about you?

Hux: My humans think I’m odd because I have a really funny-sounding snore and it’s very loud, too! My humans are definitely wrong though – I’m not odd, I’m unique and quirky!

Pete: I too enjoy a good loud snore. I also like to do yawns that sound like a baby screaming, usually at a time mum refers to as “four-buddy-ay-em”, whatever that means. But one thing my human does get right is to reassure me that she loves me, and everything is okay. How has being in love and loved made a difference in your life? Oh yuck, who wrote these stupid questions?

Hux: Well, for a start, I got my fur back! Which is awesome, because I don’t look good naked. Okay, jokes aside – being loved has made a huge difference in my life. I’m not lonely or hungry anymore and I get cuddles now. I never had a cuddle before and I love them so much, I even cuddle the delivery drivers that come to our house. Being loved has given me the best life ever.

I want to thank Maryanne Hoggett and the Dogs’ Homes of Tasmania for taking care of me and helping me find where I truly belong. You guys are the bestest, and you will always be very special to me!

For anyone who wants a four-legged baby, go to the Dogs’ Homes – you may find the family member you didn’t know you were missing!

Me and my brother from another mother, Bernard (left).
Me and my brother from another mother Bernard, right, and my human nan’s fur baby, Taffy – she is my friend too.
Bernard and I working as security.

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